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Torsemide Intermediates

Torsemide Intermediates are provided in pure and natural form to ensure maximum results and benefits. They are loop diuretics highly effective for the treatment of edema linked with chronic renal failure. These intermediates are provided in100% effective formulations with high level purity. They are available in high-quality packaging materials to ensure to keep the shelf-life intact for a longer period of time.
4-(3-Methylphenyl)Amino-3-Pyridine Sulfonamide
4-(3-Methylphenyl)Amino-3-Pyridine Sulfonamide
Grade : Medicine Grade
Purity : 99%
Function : Intermediate for Torsemide
Appearance : White Powder
Material : Powder
Supply Ability : 2000 Kgs Per Month
Price : 8,200 INR
CAS NO. 56211-40-6
CAS No : 56211-40-6
Price : 14,000 INR