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Active Pharma Ingredients
Active Pharma Ingredients are the ingredients of pharmaceutical drugs and medicines. They are available in pure form with no adulteration.
Vitamin D3 Analog
Increase the overall strength of muscles, promote overall growth and enhance the proper functioning of immune system with this Vitamin D3 Analog.
API Intermediates
API Intermediates like a Glutaric Acid is a five-carbon linear dicarboxylic acid naturally produced in the body during the metabolism of some amino acids. They are provided in natural and pure form without any adulteration.
Torsemide Intermediates
Torsemide Intermediates are provided in 100% natural and pure form to ensure to provide the best results. They are available in high-quality packaging for ensuring maximum effectiveness.
1-(Cyanomethyl) Imidazole
1-cyanomethyl imidazole is a white colored powder, used as the highly active pharmaceutical ingredient. Its CAS no is 98873-55-3. The said ingredient can be used in manufacturing several types of medicines. 
4-Hydroxypyridine-3 Sulfonic Acid
The sulfonic acid is an organo sulfur compound. It is utilized as the catalysts in several organic syntheses. This is also used for making detergents, catalysts, water-soluble dyes, ion-exchange resins and others. 
The range of Common Medicines includes several pharmaceutical ingredients, which are used for the treatment of several diseases. These are accessible in powder form and have high effectiveness.